Kazakhstan became the first in a team competition among young men in group B in the A. Imanov international pentathlon tournament, which was held in Almaty region.

Overall, the Kazakh team scored 11 804 points. Pavel Kotkov had 4048 points, which was the best result in the entire team. Artem Drobotov and Ruslan Bessonov, who were in the team as well, scored 3980 and 3776 points, respectively.

Second place in the team competition was won by representatives of Kyrgyzstan. The bronze medal went to the Kazakh team as well. Ilyas Nurahan scored 3724 points, Semen Kotenko and Muhammed Ali Nurahan earned 3676 and 3476 points, respectively.

Let us recall that Pavel Ilyashenko, the participant of the Olympic games, won the first place in the individual competiton among men. And among women, Arina Dzhienbalanova was the gold medal winner.