#1 World Cup in Modern Pentathlon among men and women held during 18-24 February, 2015 in Sarasota (Florida State, USA).

Kazakhstan National Team Members are the following: Pavel Ilyashenko, Denis Tyurkin, Vladislav Suharev, Ivan Yershov, Olgo Boiko.

The first stage of The Modern Pentathlon World Cup began with female competition. In total there were 84 sportswomen from 20 different countries. They were divided into 3 semifinal groupps, each consists of 28 members and only 36 of them will be participating in 2015 World Cup Final.

It was first time for young Olga Boiko to participate in adult competition, although, we believe, that she showed great result taking 20th place in semifinals. She did not have a chance to compete in World Cup Finals, however she had a great opportunity to experience competion at the international level.

In 3 semifinal groupps among men there were 98 athletes from more than 20 different countries all over the world.

In groupp “A”, our leading athlete Pavel Ilyashenko (551 score) showed a great result,taking 10th place in his groupp. Therefore, he will represent our country in World Cup Finals

Unfortunately, Ivan Yershov took only 29th place out of 32 athletes and will not be competing at finals.

Vladislav Suharev scored 529 and took 5th place among other competing athletes, will also participate in World Cup Finals.

Unfortunately, in group “C” , Denis Turin(460 score) took 26th place out of 31 athletes and did not pass the qualifying round.

World Cup Finals will take place on 21st February.