In Almaty from 14 to 24 November 2014 the Open Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on fencing among older boys and girls born in 1998 and under.

Attended by athletes from 77 years. Almaty, Semey, East Kazakhstan region, Karaganda, SKO and Kyrgyzstan. In the individual competition the first place was the representative of Almaty, our pentathlete Nurahan Muhamedali. The second and third places were taken by fencers from Almaty Egor Fateev and Sertayev Yerlik. In the team championship, just won pentathletes including: Nurahan Muhamedali, Nikita Presnyakov and Edward Gerber. Second place went to the team of Almaty - I consisting of: Sertayev Yerlik, Egor Fateev, Aksenov Svyatoslav. Third place went to the team of EKR of: Suleimenov Alibek, Bakhtiyarov Amir, Smolinsky Ilya.