UIPM Family mourns death of executive board member

It is with great regret that UIPM shares news today of the passing of our Executive Board member, Timur Dossymbetov. Mr Dossymbetov, 58, was the founder of the Kazakhstan Olympic Committee and he went on to serve for many years as Secretary General and Vice-President. A decorated pentathlete, the Almaty native represented the USSR national team for 10 years, repeatedly winning major international competitions. He was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports.

Kazakhstan pentathletes Vladislav Sukharev and Olga Boiko won bronze medals in the Asian Games beach in mixed doubles

Of the 16 teams who spoke Sukharev and Boyko conceded the strongest countries in Asia - South Korea and China.

It is worth noting for the national team of Kazakhstan in modern pentathlon is the first performance at the beach Asian Games, which are held for the fourth time, with a new format - triatl (running + swimming + shooting).