On June 25-30, 2013 Kapchagai runs in Summer Open Championship of the of RK for Modern Pentathlon among juniors. The program includes fencing, shooting, swimming, riding and combine (running and shooting). 22 girls and 40 boys are involved in all competitions. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia are also participating in addition to Kazakhstan athletes.

Competetion Program:

25.06. - Tuesday – Arrival Day

Training the horse – 14.00

Technical conference – 16.00



26.06. –Wednesday

Fencing, women, girls  «В-С»                                   9.00-13.00

Shooting, boys «В-С» классика                           9.00-13.00

Fencing, boys  «В-С»         14.00-18.00                             

Shooting, girls  «В-С» classic                          14.00-16.00

Swimming, women, girls, «А-В-С-D»                               17.00-19.00

27.06. - Thursday

Fencing, men -  9.00-13.00

Swimming, men, boys «А-В-С-Д»,                   14.00-17.00

Riding – women


28.06. - Friday

Combine, men, women, juniors, boys, girls «А-В» 9.00 – 15.00

Running – 1000м. boys, girls«В-С-D»

Riding, men  17.00-18.00


29.06. Saturday-   Relay, men

Fencing        8.00-10.00

Swimming            11.00-11.30

Riding     13.00-14.00

Combine               15.00-17.00


30.06. Sunday –MIX Relay

Fencing          8.00-10.00

Swimming              11.00-11.30

Riding 13.00-14.00

Combine           15.00-17.00

Award Ceremony      18.00


The result of the first day (fencing, swimming) among girls shows the leading positions of Daria Khaizova, the second place is taken by Julia Kollegova, Xenia Alexandrova closes the circle. Among young men (shooting, fencing) the first place is taken by Ruslan Ramazanov, the second  by Vlad Spokovsky and the third by Mereke Saparov.

The favorites  of the pentathlon Arina Dzhiyenbalanova and Pavel Il'yashenko do not take part in the tournament for health reasons.

On June 30, 2013 the relay MIX is planned, which will soon be included in the modern Olympic Games and in the rewarding of participants.

For accreditation, contact tel.: 8701386 39 29 - Shynara.