In the early 50's all the Soviet republics have started cultivating modern pentathlon with varying degrees of success.

A peculiar effort was shown by the Ukrainian SSR and the RSFSR, which for a long time played the prizes at the championships of the USSR and delegated their members to official starts of the Soviet Union team. But gradually the preparation level of regions (the Caucasus, the Baltic States) began to approach the leaders of the team, and so new names appeared in the composition of winners of the All-Union competitions, and in the lists of candidates for the USSR team. This was mainly the result of the appearance of new coaching staff, the organization of integrated sports facilities, the perfection of pentathlon training techniques, and the increase of the calendar of events.

In Kazakhstan, modern pentathlon began to develop since 1954. The organizers were P.G.Chulok, a senior educator of the Department №/a of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture (from now on - KazIPC) ,  and B.T.Elgundiev, a senior educator of the Swimming Department of the KazIPC. The team underwent a two-year training and was presented at the first spartakiad of the people of the USSR, and took an honorable fourth place after Armenia, the RSFSR, and "Moscow"; in the individual competition, Anatoly Kim became the sixth.

In 1958-59 KazIPC holds a specialization in modern pentathlon. Many young men wanted to improve their skills in the new sport, among them were B.Sariev, V.Trenkin, M.Kaukarbekov, O.Kolesnikov, Yu.Gardeev and others. In the future these athletes have turned into good coaches.

With the inclusion of Modern Pentathlon in the Games of the People of the USSR the coaching staff has improved thanks to emergence of graduates of physical education institutions of Moscow, Leningrad and Lvov.

But even before the emergence of these experts Zavelevich L.S (Gorky city) had visited Alma-Ata to pass on the experience in preparing pentathletes.

Him being a head coach of the national team was short-lived, but no doubt it was him who was able to convince the leaders of sports organizations in Kazakhstan, that athletes who engaged in professional modern pentathlon should be stimulated and financially supported for the successful preparation for competitions at the highest level.

The first organizers of our variation in Kazakhstan were: a senior educator of the physical education department of the Almaty Institute P.G.Chulok and a graduate of KazIPC B.S.Tyutyavin. Pretty soon it was possible to engage in pentathlon mostly college students. 

Future doctors, agronomists, veterinarians, lawyers, and of course students of the Institute of Physical Education (who formed the backbone of the national team of Kazakhstan) and students of AHBS “Almaty Higher Border Command School of the CNS”, who regularly took part in Borderguards of the USSR Championships and were preparing to participate in these competitions in 1961.

Weak competition and the low preparation level of domestic competition participants did not allow team leaders to achieve high and sustained excellence. Organically an "inflow of fresh blood" was needed, both in the coaching staff and in the athletes composition.

"The first swallows" were: coach Alexandrov I.I. who arrived in Alma-Ata with his promising pupil Viktor Svatenko. Also, in order to strenghten the team a Moscow resident V. Komissarov was invited to participate in the Games of the people of the USSR in 1963.

During this period, the coaching team was refreshed by Ukraine representatives Sh.Shadiyev, V.Vyunik, a graduate of the Orden of Lenin State Central Institute of Physical Culture V.Feklyunin, a graduate of Leningrad Institute of Physical Education V. Sosnin, and Leningrad Higher School of Coaches graduate Yu.Savitsky (playing coach).

A composition of athletes has increased mainly due to the Ukrainians from different regions of the Republic (USSR MS - V.Naydenok, USSR MS -V.Ivanenko, USSR MS - K.Osipov, USSR MS - A.Glazkov).

At the same time, not being able to solve the housing problem, candidate for the team of the USSR-V.Mineev has left Kazakhstan; he became a Champion of the People of the USSR being a member of the national team of Azerbaijan SSR, an Olympic Champion being a member of the USSR team, and later on he took the second place at the World Championship in Australia in the individual competition, losing to the famous Hungarian Androshu Baltsem.

However, it did not take long for success to come. Thanks to efforts of young coaches of Kazakhstan, first in Departmental competitions among boys, and then in the All-Union competitions athletes of Kazakhstan increasingly appeared in the ranks of winners, which guaranteed good future prospects in 1969-1979. In the USSR team the World Junior champions were Yu.Togobetsky and V.Monahov. 

By the way, most numerous successes of Kazakhstan have been shown at youth and junior competitions, and it is sufficient to say that in the pentathlon history of the USSR team (primary, youth and reserve) Kazakhstani athletes appeared regularly. At various times they were masters of sports of the USSR, as well as masters of sports of international class: A. Kim, V.Mineev, V.Svatenko, Yu.Savitsky, Yu.Tagobetsky, N.Tislenko, V.Kashelsky, V.Monahov, B.Mukhamedyarov, T.Dosymbetov, E.Besonov, V.Sychev, O.Plehov, I.Borovikov, N.Pechatnov, I.Ershov, O.Rebrov.

The team of Kazakhstan participated in the 1975 USSR Championship among young people, consisting of T.Dosymbetov, E.Besonov, V.Sychev, V.Rozhkov, and won gold medals. In 1976 the USSR Youth Games-1976 were held, and the team won gold medals with the same composition.

A system of centralized gatherings for main competitions, first in modest circumstances of hippodrome and horse-racing school, AHBS; then staying and boarding during training camp in the territory of holiday homes of the Council of Ministers and the Kazakh SSR Ministry of Internal Affairs sanatorium gave its fruits. It did not take long to take prizes at the Games of the People of the USSR, the USSR Championships, and international competitions. In 1967 at the Games of the People of the USSR the Kazakhstan team: V.Svatenko, Yu.Savitsky, B.Sariev, took the 3rd place. At the next Games of 1971 yesterday's junior and youth Yu.Togobetsky and V.Monahov led  by V.Svatenko again took the 3rd team place.

The same team at the Games of the People of 1975 in Yerevan was the fourth, and at the 1972 Olympics in Munich a Kazakhstani V.Svatenko was a participant (albeit as a spare).

The result of a focused training of athletes of high class was the participation of Kazakhstani athletes as part of the USSR team at the world championships over the years. T.Dosymbetov in the USSR team in 1982 World Championships in Rome (Italy), Anatoly Starostin, Timur Dosymbetov, and Eugene Lipeev, who became a World Champion in the team, taking the fourth place in individual competitions, were affirmed in the national team to participate in the 1984 Olympics.

Unfortunately due to the political positions of leadership, the USSR 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles were boycotted by the United States, thereby depriving athletes of participation and winning Olympic medals; the team of the USSR in the composition of A.Starostin, T.Dosymbetov, and E. Lipeev was a real contender for winning gold medals.

Also, Kazakhstani athletes V.Sychev, E.Besonov, I.Borovikov became World Champions while in the USSR team among youth.

E.Besonov was a silver prizewinner of the USSR Championship in the individual competition, and the team of Kazakhstan composed of: T.Dosymbetov, V.Sychev, E.Besonov at the Games of the People of the USSR in 1979 won bronze medal; the team of coaches who prepared the team were honored coaches of the RK E.Bresler, V.Trenkin, Yu.Gordeev, V.Kashelsky, and Yu.Tokarev.

No doubt, the results of performance in those years were not possible without the support of sports management of all levels; a comprehensive equestrian sports facilities (without a swimming pool) of modern pentathlon are created. In Alma-Ata from the late 60s. (1968-1969) an international tournament among men is held in the memory of Amangeldy Imanov, in which  members of the Union republics and foreign teams competed. Since the early 70's (years - 1973-74) the International Union of Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon decided under the auspices of the IUMPB to establish an International, qualifying for the World Championship tournament in modern pentathlon (junior) in Alma-Ata in the memory of Amangeldy Imanov, traditionally held in April in Almaty, where the team of the USSR-1-2, Soviet republics and foreign teams competed. Today, experts of modern pentathlon all around the world speak warmly of the conditions of the tournament, both climatic and organizational. The participants were Olympic champions Ya.Pechak, A.Starostin, and many athletes who in the future have become leaders of the world pentathlon. Since the early 90's (1991-92 until 2000) the tournament has lost its importance and status. Since 2001 this tournament is held at the national level as part of the program of the Summer Open Championship of the RK, and athletes from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia are invited to participate. Today, the revival of the international tournament in the memory of Amangeldy Imanov at the international level is planned, with invitations of teams from neighboring countries and from far-abroad.

Besides this tournament various contests in modern pentathlon of the All-Union level were held in Alma-Ata, both departmental and territorial.

Following the acquisition of the independent sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan, since 1992, Kazakhstan's pentathlon performs with its own national team. Kazakhstan Federation of Modern Pentathlon was founded in 1992. Berik Mazhitovich Imashev is the President of the Federation.

During the period of sovereign Kazakhstan the national team members repeatedly have been winning the World Cup, Asian Championships and Asian Games, the bronze medal of the World Championship of 1996. In Rome (Italy) in the relay in the composition of D.Tyurin, A.Parygin, O.Rebrov., International competitions. A.Parygin and D.Tyurin participated in 1996 Olympic Games. A.Parygin is an Olympic Champion of 1996 in Atlanta (USA). During this period, the team consisted of the Honored Masters of Sports of the RK, Masters of Sports of international class- D.Kriger, I.Ershov, D.Tyurin, A.Parygin, O.Rebrov., A Shamin.

 In 2000 A.Parygin changed his citizenship and country of residence to Australia, and in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens defends Australia – 27th place.

Since 2001 the team is rejuvenated, athletes of the junior and youth age A.Sklyar, N.Kusmoldanov, D.Starodubtsev, D.Maryanov, D.Turov, E. Tebenkov, L. Zimarev come, who at one time in 2002-2010 won bronze medals in the relay of Asian Games in Busan (South Korea) and in 2002 A.Sklyar, N.Kusmoldanov, D.Starodubtsev become winners of the Asian Championship in different compositions.

After the end of the season in 1996 during the Congress of the International Federation of Modern Pentathlon, it was decided to ask the International Olympic Committee to include the women's modern pentathlon in the Olympic program for 2000. In 1997 during the session the International Olympic Committee decided to include the women’s modern pentathlon in the program of Olympic Games.

In direct support of the Vice-President of the Asian Federation of Modern Pentathlon T.Dosymbetov a women’s team in modern pentathlon was created in Kazakhstan, the teams for preparing for the Republic School of High Sports Mastery, Dinamo Physical Culture and Sports Organization, and the Army Sports Club were created.

In 1997 the first Asian Championship among women was held; L.Dzhienbalanova, V.Konrad, Yu.Zaytseva, I.Chumakova took part in it.

L.Dzhienbalanova took 2nd place in individual competition, and the team took 2nd place.

In 2002 a team of pentathletes of Kazakhstan, both men and women, participated in full strength; among men were: D.Starodubtsev, A.Sklyar, N.Kusmoldanov, D.Maryanov, their coaches: D.Tyurin, Yu.Tokarev, and among women were: L.Dzhienbalanova, G.Dolgushina, L.Shumilova, N.Uvarova, their coaches: V.Kashlsky, V.Vasiliev.

The men’s team won the bronze medal in team standings. L.Dzhienbalanova won a gold medal, 1st place in team standings, and a bronze medal in the relay.

Year 2003 was aimed at preparing for winning Olympic licenses for 2004 in Athens (Greece). In 2004 the World Cup was held in Moscow, in which to win the licences it was necessary to get into top 10 in the individual competition.

Dzhienbalanova ranked 9th in the individual competition and won an Olympic license, our other athlete L.Shumilova won a license for world ranking hitting the 32 strongest in the world.

2004 was marked by participation of the same team in the Asian license Championship in which participants of Kazakhstan’s national team failed to win licenses because of the poor equestrian training; N. Kusmoldanov, after the three disciplines was the leader of the competition, but after an unsuccessful performance in the riding part was not able to fight for a license.

In the struggle for Olympic licenses for the Olympic Games in Beijing (China) - 2008  our athletes among women were L.Dzhienbalanova, G.Dolgushina, Yu.Krysina, A.Abrasimova, and among men - N.Kusmoldanov.

At the Asian Championship held in Tokyo in 2007 L.Dzhienbalanova took the 2nd place, and G.Dolgushina – the fourth, and because of these results they are included in the number of participants of the Olympic Games in Beijing, and the spares are A.Krysina and A.Abrasimova.

The results of the Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) in 2004  were the following - L. Dzhienbalanova  ranked 14th, L.Shumilova-30th. In 2005 the Asian Championship was held in Almaty, were the competition was held in a new format for the first time; the shooting-running part of the program is called a "combination".

The following results were shown among men – N.Kusmoldanov took the 2nd place in the individual competition, the 2nd place in team rankings, and the 1st place in the relay.

Women - G. Dolgushina ranked 1st in the individual competition, Yu.Krysina -3rd place in individual standings. The team consisting of: L.Dzhienbalanova, G.Dolgushina, Yu.Krysina -  ranked 1st in team standings, and 1st - in the relay.

In 2009 at Asian Championship in Seoul (Korea) the team, consisting of L.Dzhienbalanova, G.Dolgushina, A. Abrasimova and a spare K.Alexandrova, ranked 2nd.

In the relay the men’s team took 3rd place in the same composition – N.Kusmoldanov, E.Tebenkov, D.Turov.

In 2010 at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, the men’s team did not participate, and women’s team consisting of: L.Dzhienbalanova, G.Dolgushina, K.Alexandrova, and A.Shondina won bronze medals. G.Dolgushina was injured in the riding discipline, and could not finish the competition, depriving the team of winning a higher place.