Olympic Games are a major international competition, held every four years in order to bring together the athletes of all countries, and serve as the approval of goodwill in the name of peace, friendship and understanding between nations. Representatives of all nations and ethnicities, irrespective of race, religion or political orientation, have the opportunity to showcase their athletic achievements on equal terms at this great sports festival. At the same time the Olympic Games are an arena that accumulates international experience in the sports movement, demonstrating the standards for the preparation of athletes at every stage of history. They clearly highlight the ups and downs in various sports. The selection criteria of athletes for the Olympics are very high, so the very participation in the Games for the athletes is a stimulus to improve further, both physically and spiritually.
Let's try step by step, from Olympics to Olympics trace the path that pentathletes worked their way up, conquering meters, seconds, and points step by step, experiencing the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat, proving each time that the road to Olympic heights those who walk shall reach.