Why do people get involved in sports at a fairly young age? In the past, in Soviet times, people were unlikely to chase the big prize, simply because there was no big prize, which was not bad for sports at that time, since there was no commercial component. Children were introduced to sports for the sake of comprehensive development, and sports made it possible for a young person to become a respected person, and even go abroad. But very few parents, who took their children to the sports sections at that time, thought about it. Basically, they were guided by the idea of ​​comprehensive development, because the physical culture - is a part of the general human culture. Since the modern big-time sports makes it possible to earn money, then of course it is important to strike a balance between mental and physical development, so that, despite the success in sports career and solid earnings, you are considered an intelligent and educated man. Modern pentathlon is a complex and unusual type of sports, where speed and composure, strength and endurance, water and land, vertical and horizontal, intelligence, speed and confidence in decision making combined into a single unit.

Different muscle groups and abilities develop in each of the five disciplines. In jumping, for example, in the course of drawing the athlete gets a horse, which he gets to know during the 20 minutes of warm-up before starting, and the athlete must understand the animal and make it perform the commands and overcome hurdles. Fencing requires amazing coordination and speed of decision making. Swimming, running and shooting - is a historically vital human quality.

History of Modern Pentathlon goes back to the beginning of the last century, when the French aristocrat Baron Pierre de Coubertin came up with an officer's multiple-stage competition which consists of five disciplines:

• running
• shooting
• swimming
• fencing
• show-jumping.

But next to a dry history lives a romantic legend.

A handsome hussar had been ordered to deliver a dispatch to the headquarters urgently. He galloped off and was chased after. He was persecuted and he fired back. He ran out of ammo, his horse was killed, but he did not give up, but continued to fight - this time on swords. He wins his enemies, but ahead is a new obstacle - a river. He swims and runs it to the destination, managing to get there just on time.