The second championship in the number of participating countries has been a repetition of the first. Only 19 athletes entered the race for medals. These events marked the beginning of a series of unprecedented victories pentathletes Swedish Lars Hull. Sunday school teacher who devoted all his free time training, managed to climb to the top Sports Hall of Fame. Of the seven races of the Olympics and world championships, he won four gold medals in the individual championship, was a three-time champion Sweden. At the II World Cup, he showed a record length of pentathletes result in swimming - Zmin 55.0 s, won the fencing, and even an extremely low rate of fire - 163 out of 200 possible points did not stop him with the sum of 19 seats to become inaccessible in the fight for the gold medal. His compatriot and B.Haaze T.Henning took 4th and 6th place, behind Italian D.Brignetti (2nd place), Finn L.Vilkko (third place) and Frenchman A.Lakroiksu (5th place). Nevertheless, the amount of seats Swedish athletes had the lowest - 88, respectively. First place in the team again left for the Swedes.
Second Team for the Finnish trio (Vilkko, Xftttse, Henning), third in Italian (Brignetti, Palm Mvlla, Cantoni), 4th in the Swiss (Schmid, Heegner, terion), 5th in English (Lumsdayne, Duckworth, March), the 6th Belgian Society (Pulmeller, Minetti, Vit).

Over the past few years after the London Olympics athletes made significant progress in Finland and Switzerland. The most prominent athletes of these countries were Lauri Vilkko, double-launched at the Olympic Games and three World Championships, Victor Sycamore, a member of the Olympic Games in 1948 and three world championships, Werner Schmid, who started at two Olympics and two world championships, Franz Heegner - Member 1948 Olympics year and three world championships.

The second global forum, as well as at the previous level of sports and technical performance was not high. Only one third of the athletes in the shooting reached the level of 170 points, less than half the distance quickly overcame five minutes at sea.

The results could not affect the lack of experienced, strong teams USA and Hungary, as well as the fact that in the first world championships, some countries are not considered sufficiently prestigious. Gradually, however, interest has increased, the number of participants increased, improved form of their holding.