This championship has collected 27 athletes from 10 countries. There were teams of Brazil, the USA and Denmark. As in the previous two championships command victory was celebrated by the Swedes. In the individual competition again became the most powerful Swede Lars Hall, who showed the best result in swimming - Serpents of 53.0, took 2nd place in the equestrian cross-country, 4 th - shooting with a score of 185 points, 9th - fencing and 6 -e - cross-country race in athletics. Successfully performed and his compatriots Torsten Lindkvnst Vegglin and Sun. Lindquist was the first cross-country equestrian and fencing, and Vegglin - in cross-country track and field. As the amount of seats they occupied, respectively, 3rd and 4th place in the individual championship.

Silver medal once again became the Finn Vilkko. Team Finland, as in the previous two championships, did not give 2nd place in the team standings.

Brazilian Medeiros, who showed the best result in the shooting and the 2nd at sea, on the amount of seats was the fifth. In the team event winners in the following order: 1st - Sweden (Hull, Lindquist, Vehlin), 2nd - Finland (Vilkko, Sycamore, Taalikk), 3rd - Brazil (Medeiros, Borges, Marquez), 4 - e - United Kingdom (Lamsen, Percy, Vleyker), 5th - France (Cochet, Lacroix, Tortholt), 6th - USA (Trots, Dennman, Vandenberg). In this championship there were noticeable changes in the sport and technical performance of some species. In all participants overcame PAyaianii line 6 minutes, almost half of the athletes swam the distance faster than 5 minutes. The average result in the firing rose to 168.8 points on the 200 possible.

The annual observance of World Championships has stimulated the country, cultivating pentathlon, to targeted training teams for the competition, to search for the optimal selection criteria for athletes. These efforts were marked by a noticeable increase in the number of pentathletes and national teams represented at the next Olympics.