It is only logical solution is perceived by the newly established International Union of Modern Pentathlon to the first world championship in Sweden, which experts have done much for self-assertion of the sport in the international sports movement.

The competition had a right to participate a team of four athletes, three of whom were allowed to start.

The new competitive form is not immediately found a response from the States, cultivating the pentathlon. Only seven teams (Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium) were presented in Stockholm. The title of the fittest athlete challenged 21. The first world champion in modern pentathlon was the Swede Tag Byurefeld, who won the equestrian cross-country races and track and field, shooting, giving way to a victory only in the Swiss Werner Schmid, fencing, swimming and compatriot Lars Hull. The second and third places went to the Finns and Victor Laurie Vilkko Sycamore. Bronze medalist at the XIV Olympiad Gest Gardin became the fourth, and the Swiss Werner Schmid - fifth. The sixth was Lara Hall, in which no one suspected a future rising star of the pentathlon.

In sport and technology indicators first world championship on a number of inferior Olympic Games, for example, shooting an average result was 158.8 points, while at the Olympics it was 170.2. The winner of the championship with a score of 183 out of 200 possible points would be lost to the winner of the Olympic Games in the form of 11 points and finished only 19 th in the shooting. Nevertheless, the experience gained by the organizers and participants of the first world championship, was undoubtedly a useful and fruitful.

In the championship the team has officially entered mchet. Place in it as follows: 1st - Sweden (Byurefeld, Gerdin, Hull), 2nd - Finland (Vilkko, Sycamore, Salminen), 3rd - Switzerland (Schmid, Koenig, Hedner), 4th - United Kingdom (Dukvert, Lumsdayne, Brooke), 5th - Belgium (Vieth, Minetti, Delanuois), 6th - Italy (Brignetti, di Paolo, Duket).